Who Does A Place To Turn To Support?

3:15 pmin Parenting Blog Jan Cloninger

Parent supportPeople often ask what kind of parent does A Place To Turn To support.  The answer is really rather simple.  Any parent who wants to explore their parenting process.  We offer a special focus on giving parents the information and tools they need to support the emotional development of their children. 

Parents come to us because they: 

  • Just need to talk through an issue or parenting strategy that’s not working.
  • Want their child to become a responsible, productive adult and aren’t sure about the components necessary to help ensure that.
  • Need a boost of confidence to sometimes change or stay the course when their intuition is telling them what to do.
  • Have concerns about their children and want to explore whether they need to get additional support or if they need to look at changes in the way they parent.
  • Because being a parent is one of the toughest and most important jobs we do and they want to have a place to reflect, gain information, or develop their skills

We started A Place To Turn To because when we were actively parenting, we longed to have a resource like this to support us along the way.

Spread the word…tell us what you need…we’re here to help.

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