We’re looking for people and organizations that can help us further our mission:  to improve the lives and potential of all children by providing parents with training and ongoing support – because being a parent is one of the toughest and most important jobs we do. 

If you believe parents need opportunities to question, learn, explore, and integrate what they’ve come to know into their daily parenting practice and want to create positive outcomes for children, families and society at large – then you may be ready to help us create a shift.  

We develop strategic partnerships with:

  • Schools/school districts
  • Pediatric offices/hospitals
  • Social agencies/non-profits
  • Religious institutions
  • Parent groups
  • Communities
  • Organizations

to shift parenting paradigms and create positive outcomes. 

We provide many opportunities:

  • Leadership in exploring opportunities to help your families thrive
  • Live presentations that bring awareness to the parenting process
  • Content driven programs that provide skills and support
  • Webinars for your organization
  • Training to create peer-to-peer support and empowerment programs

Interested in helping to create a shift?  Let’s talk.