Learning and discovery starts by asking questions.  So we’ve developed a workbook that guides you through many of the important questions parents need to answer.

Having a solid understanding of what’s important to you as an individual and for your family is an important step in the parenting process.  The Courage to Parent is a workbook that takes you through a series of topics and questions to create a personal parenting plan to guide you through the process.

It containCOVERs the keys to:

Increasing your confidence as a parent

Creating a parenting plan that you and your co-parent can agree upon

Discovering your child’s unique personality, talents and gifts

Helping you know yourself better and assist your child in the process of self-discovery

Establishing skills to create a strong, loving and respectful with your child


You can purchased copies at or on

Copies are also available at STL Books located at 100 W. Jefferson, Kirkwood, MO.

A portion of the proceeds go to support A Place To Turn To and its mission.