Pending Funding or Sponsorship

These topics have been created and waiting for funding and/or sponsorship in order to complete production.  Your individual donations will help us meet our production goals.  Let us know if you are a  professional, organization, or corporation who is interested in sponsorship and the benefits it can bring.

  • The Courage to Parent – Introduces our philosophies and workbook that helps families create a personal parenting plan.
  • Expectations, Values & Parenting Styles – Having expectations for your child can be a double edged sword.  Finding the right balance is the key.  Explore how to set reasonable expectations and help your child develop a strong set of values. What’s your parenting style?  Are you on the same page as your spouse?  Research has shown that a balanced approach is the most effective.  Learn more about what works and what’s not as effective.
  • Enhancing Your Child’s Education – As parents we need to be involved in our child’s educational process.  Learning when to get involved and how to be an effective advocate is an important key.
  • Technology Interference – Social networking, texting, sexting, cyber bullying . . . explore how a parent can keep their kids safe and set appropriate boundaries in our technological age.

We also have our Conversation Starter videos topics waiting for sponsorships:

Issues that may arise:

  • Positive body images and weight issues
  • When a family is experiencing a stressful or difficult time
  • Going through a divorce
  • Creating a blended family
  • When there’s a crisis in the world
  • Bullying

Preparing for/entering adolescence:

  • Getting ready to drive
  • Enter middle school or high school
  • Beyond the mechanics of sex
  • Peer pressure

On becoming a responsible, productive person:

  • Developing and maintaining relationships
  • The value of work
  • Motivation to do well in school
  • When a child has been identified as gifted
  • Balancing time, activities, and responsibilities
  • The process of self-discovery and acceptance
  • Identifying and claiming personal values