Video Topics

We continue to create additional video topics as funding becomes available!

Our goal is to provide an overview on all the core topics we present in our book .

You can watch these videos as often as you like.  You can pause to think about the topic or take notes.  At the end of each video is a Building Blocks section that provides examples that apply to each stage of your child’s life.  We also list additional resources for you to explore the topic more.

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Current video topics available for viewing:

40 Developmental Assets That Help Your Child Thrive

Setting Healthy Boundaries

The Emotional Development of Your Child

Enhancing Communication Skills

Helping Your Child Make Good Decisions

Understanding and Dealing with Stress

Talking to Elementary Age Children About Substance Abuse

Teaching Children the Value of Money



The videos and articles on our site provide skills, information, tools and support to help families navigate the maze of parenting issues we all face.   Viewing these videos and reading the articles can be a resource for discovering, understanding and implementing practices that can enhance your family’s effectiveness and overall sense of wellbeing.  These videos and articles are NOT a substitute for therapy or personal professional advice.  Visitors can identify areas where change is desired and decide what tools they choose to use to create those changes in order to achieve a family’s goals.  It is up to each individual family to determine what works within their family’s framework.

  • Listen to your instincts of what will and won’t work for your family and make your choices accordingly

  • Know that there is no one way to parent and that the content on this site is not a “one size fits all” and must be customized to your family’s beliefs, culture and needs