Conversation Starters Videos

Is there a conversation you want to have with your child but you’re not quite sure what you want to say or how to get started?  You’re not alone!

We’re creating videos to help you get the conversation started on many developmental and sometimes challenging topics.

As funding and/or sponsorship becomes available, these and other topic videos will be created and go live.  Following are some of the topics under consideration.

Issues that may arise:

Preparing for/entering adolescence:

  • Getting ready to drive
  • Enter middle school or high school
  • Beyond the mechanics of sex
  • Peer pressure

On becoming a responsible, productive person:

  • Developing and maintaining relationships
  • The value of work
  • Motivation to do well in school
  • When a child has been identified as gifted
  • Balancing time, activities, and responsibilities
  • The process of self-discovery and acceptance
  • Identifying and claiming personal values

Let us know if you have suggestions for topics to add to the list or know an organization or corporation that might want to sponsor production.  As more individuals make one-time or recurring donations we can reach our goals!