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The Perspective of a Child

Jun 12 2014

I’ve been spending a lot of time with photographers the past few days, getting a better understanding of perspective.  The position of the photographer, the angle of the sun and the formation of the clouds can make all the difference in getting the perfect shot of the landscape.  The experience of viewing a panorama can […]

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Are Our Children Prepared to Meet the World?

Jun 5 2014

As the plane taxied to the Florence terminal I noticed two families with babes in arms standing by the fenced runway waving as the plane passed; moms, grandmas and grandpas passing the time entertaining their small children in the middle of the afternoon.  Or should I say madri, nonne and nonni.  After all, it is […]

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10 Lessons I Learned After Two Weeks with My Two-Year-Old Granddaughter!

May 16 2014

Two weeks with a two-year-old and I’ve learned lessons that I never learned in school or from the 20 years I’ve spent working with families.  It’s easy to give advice until you find yourself in the trenches with a determined, impulsive two-year-old. I don’t have time to wax poetic since she’s scheduled to wake up […]

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All You Need is Love…?

Apr 29 2014

When I was a new mom with all the questions and insecurities that come with parenthood, I would calm myself with the thought that all I had to do was love my child and everything would turn out fine.  When I think about that now I wonder if I was completely naïve or wise beyond […]

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Graduation Season

Apr 20 2014

My son just completed his PhD. It’s a moment in time, years in the making.  Something he has achieved on his own, yet he couldn’t have gotten here alone.  People often comment about how lucky I am to have such a smart son.  Yes, I consider myself blessed.  But I also know all the challenges, […]

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Guiding Teens – How Much is Too Much?

Apr 9 2014

I recently received an email from my best friend from high school and I found myself flooded with crystal clear memories of those times.  And not only the memories but the feelings that came with every new endeavor at that age. I so often get preoccupied with the developmental needs of young children that I […]

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