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Planting Seeds and Reaping the Benefits

Sep 22 2014

I should start by saying that I have recently been diagnosed with leukemia and am currently in the hospital receiving chemo and ultimately a stem cell transplant.  So we’re not talking days but rather weeks of isolation and treatment.  But thank goodness for insurance, wonderful doctors, fantastic nurses, and one of the top cancer treatment […]

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The Other Side of Ferguson

Aug 23 2014

Being a resident of St. Louis, I’ve been fielding calls and emails for the past two weeks from family and friends concerned about the media reports from Ferguson.  We’ve all been inundated with terrifying images that make us fear for our safety and the welfare of our neighbors.  We struggle with how to talk to […]

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Five Lessons on Sharing

Aug 7 2014

Spending a week with two 2-½ year olds can teach us lessons we’ve long ago lost sight of. Watching them fight over toys, chase after each other and revel in new experiences together can give us a view into our humanness, our own struggles against negative primal instincts and the innocence of youth. It made […]

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Should There Be a Pre-Pregnancy Contract?

Jul 11 2014

I just read Rebecca Onion’s article on saying that before she becomes a mom, she needs her husband to sign on the dotted line. She proposes drawing up a non-legal contract “outlining expectations and setting a course for periodic re-examination of the division of labor.” There was a lot of chatter online about whether […]

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Where Do Our Children Feel Safe?

Jun 25 2014

Sitting in a cathedral in the middle of Florence celebrating the feast day of the city’s patron saint, John the Baptist, I felt like a ten year old again, perched by my father’s side, safe, secure and a little full of myself as a Catholic among Catholics. I understood little of the Latin liturgy but […]

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Jun 19 2014

How many times do you tell your kids to stop doing whatever it is that they’re doing that they shouldn’t be doing?  Stopping activities that can be unproductive or harmful can be a good thing.  Yet how often do we personally take the time to stop to fully reflect on, evaluate, and experience what’s going […]

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