As a parent, we all have questions, doubts, concerns, fears . . . am I doing it right? how do I balance work and family? what does it mean to be a good parent? how do I guarantee parenting success? Becoming a parent is easy. Being a parent is hard.

We help parents understand and be intentional about the parenting process - to question, learn, explore, and integrate what's most important into everyday life.

Being a parent is one of the toughest and most important jobs we do. So we've created a non-profit to help - because kids don't come with instructions - and every parent needs A Place To Turn To.

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The Other Side of Ferguson

Being a resident of St. Louis, I’ve been fielding calls and emails for the past two weeks from family and friends concerned about the media reports from Ferguson.  We’ve all been inundated with terrifying images that make us fear for our safety and the welfare of our neighbors.  We struggle with how to talk to […]

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Five Lessons on Sharing

Spending a week with two 2-½ year olds can teach us lessons we’ve long ago lost sight of. Watching them fight over toys, chase after each other and revel in new experiences together can give us a view into our humanness, our own struggles against negative primal instincts and the innocence of youth. It made […]

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