As a parent, we all have questions, doubts, concerns, fears . . . am I doing it right? how do I balance work and family? what does it mean to be a good parent? how do I guarantee parenting success? Becoming a parent is easy. Being a parent is hard.

We help parents understand and be intentional about the parenting process - to question, learn, explore, and integrate what's most important into everyday life.

Being a parent is one of the toughest and most important jobs we do. So we've created a non-profit to help - because kids don't come with instructions - and every parent needs A Place To Turn To.

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Guiding Teens – How Much is Too Much?

I recently received an email from my best friend from high school and I found myself flooded with crystal clear memories of those times.  And not only the memories but the feelings that came with every new endeavor at that age. I so often get preoccupied with the developmental needs of young children that I […]

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Letting Go

I was talking with a parent of a twenty-something young person the other day.  She was struggling with how to let go at this stage of her child’s life.  I think letting go is one of the most challenging and rarely thought about experiences in parenting.  I know I had many moments when I wondered […]

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